my spring “making” project…

Some people love making lists. I am one of those people.

And some people love projects. I am one of those people too.

And some people love making lists and turning them into projects…and then inevitably fail to complete them. Oh yes, I am so one of those people.

But this time I am DETERMINED! (Yeah, like I don’t say that every time…)

Okay, but the thing is, whether or not I actually finish isn’t what really matters. What matters is that coming up with these projects makes me happy. Working on these projects makes happy. And anything that I do actually accomplish is sort of frosting on the cake. (Side note: Buttercream frosting also makes me happy.)

Yep, finally getting to the point here: my spring “making” project. I have a miles-long list of projects I’d like to make (as most crafts-lovin’ people do). And I have far more WIP than I care to admit (again, as most crafts-lovin’ people do, or at least that’s what I tell myself). So the hardest part of coming up with this list was weeding down all the possibilities. Anyway, here are the things I’m hoping to “make” before summer arrives:

  1. Finish ugly blanket. I started ugly blanket years ago during a craft area purge. I decided that I really needed to do something with all those darn scraps of yarn leftover from literally decades of crocheting. So a big warm cozy afghan was begun. The “ugly” part emerged soon after. The blanket is ridiculously large at this point, but I’m determined to empty this bag of scraps. If I manage to complete this item (which “of course I will!” says the positive-thinking portion of my brain) , ugly blanket will be ready just in time for summer reading fort season.
  2. Add 90 hexies to Kar’s blanket. I was going to make it one for each day of spring, but I decided to cut myself some slack and made it 90 instead of 92 or 93 or whatever the correct number is. I really love watching this baby grow! IMG_0558
  3. Finish Annie’s duster. Should I finish this before the end of April (which is the plan), it will be a gift for her birthday month. If I finish it later perhaps it will be a going-away gift. IMG_0565
  4. Finish the rug for the hallway. I’ve been held up on finishing because I ran out of white t-shirts. But during the process of purging for our big room switch, Gray got rid of a couple of white tees that no longer fit, so I’m hoping that will be enough to get me to the end of this beauty. (I’ve got about a foot yet to add to get it to the length I want.) IMG_0559
  5. Frame artwork and hang gallery wall. Speaking of our mini hallway, Dad generously made me this set of frames I requested for Christmas. It’s past time that I framed the art I wanted them for and got them hung in our little hall area. IMG_0562
  6. Finish Advent gifts. Which is a set of 24 crocheted snowflakes (a different snowflake for each day) for each of four recipients. So 4 x 24 = 96 crocheted snowflakes. I have 20 crocheted at this point, so that leaves 76 left to do. Plus all of them to starch and add hangers to. IMG_0563
  7. Make a pile of dishcloths and washcloths for Annie. Since she’ll be moving out at in late summer. *sobs*
  8. Put in 20 hours on Chris’s x-stitch. IMG_0566
  9. Put in 20 hours on Rich’s x-stitch. IMG_0567
  10. Put in 20 hours on my needlepoint picture. IMG_0570
  11. Make 50 scrapbook layouts. IMG_0571
  12. Finish second strip of quilt, and sew third strip. This is such a big, but such a beloved, project. I really need to get back to it and see some forward progress. IMG_0573
  13. Make an x-stitch towel for part of Chris’s birthday gift.
  14. Finish cross-stitch sampler. I designed this sampler a good 20 years ago, but had completely forgotten about it (despite having packed and moved it for half a dozen moves over the years) until I came across it during the room switch.

I’m not particularly known for my common sense (and am actually known for my lack of it in some circles), so it will not surprise anyone who knows me that my list originally ended with #12. But I like the number 14 better than 12, so I went in search of two more projects I was interested in working on right now. #ownworstenemy

So yeah. My spring “making” project. I’m going to try to update here every Wednesday…kind of a WIP Wednesday thing. But let’s face it, I kind of suck at keeping to a schedule. “Kind of”–haha, aren’t I being generous…