the swamp…

I swear I can almost feel my blood pressure go down and my newfound perpetual state of anxiety ease a wee little bit every minute I spend down at the swamp. And I am grateful.


a happy place…

It’s not big. It’s not fancy. Hell, it has a concrete floor, cement brick walls, pipes and wires galore. Not to mention the furnace, the water heater, the circuit box. Yes, it’s in the unfinished part of our basement. Do I care? Nope, indeed I don’t. Because it’s mine. My very own dedicated creating space. Bliss.

The overview shots: IMG_0546


Comfy chair and crocheting supplies: IMG_0547

Sewing and cross-stitching:


(Yes, one day I really ought to sew a cover for my sewing machine. And that little space heater won’t normally be there blocking my Silhouette, but it is particularly chilly in there right now. And the printer will sit on my journaling table whenever I’m working on sewing projects, but the electrical plug situation makes it handier to live where it is when I’m busy printing photos. So yeah, not perfect, but oh-so-workable.)

And last but not least, the scrapbooking stuff: IMG_0549IMG_0551

I love having three work surfaces: my big one for scrapbooking (and for cutting fabric if I’m making something that requires a bigger surface), a small one for journaling and having my current project life album laid out, and a second small one for sewing projects.

I love having my comfy chair in there. The one piece of upholstered furniture that allows me to sit comfortably without aggravating my fibro.

I love my new little carts with all the drawers in which I organized all my embellishments and stickers and die cuts. One cart by theme. One cart by color.

I love that I have everything in one place, instead of hidden away in whatever little bits of space I could find around the house.

I love that this place is mine.