around here…that early fall feeling…

Yeah, it’s not technically fall. But I think most of us have our own personal definitions of when a new season begins. For me, as I’m sure for many others, fall begins with back to school. And this year the weather is backing me up. My goodness, has the weather been delightful here. Frankly, with all the pain and suffering being experienced by so many because of the weather, it’s quite unfair how glorious our weather has been.

I love all the seasons. Truly. While winter may edge the others for top spot, autumn holds so many special treasures. Not the least of which is its colors and textures. Yes autumn, you are spectacularly beautiful. If only I were a better photographer and could do your beauty justice. But for me, taking pictures isn’t really about the end result. It is more about the doing, the paying attention. Now obviously one doesn’t need a camera in their hands to pay attention, but I admit it helps me.



winter robins…

The snow has been gorgeously falling all morning. The winter robins flitting around in the sumac–a pure delight to watch. (Though my photos leave a lot to be desired.)

(I admit it–I have spent much time during the past few years mourning the loss of winters as they used to be. I know there are far more harmful consequences of climate change than the pain it causes my winter-loving soul. And I need to do a better job at appreciating the beauty that still exists, while never giving up on the fight to save this planet.)