the pre-game show…

In the spirit of blogging how I want to, I think this Dewey’s Readathon, I’m going to blog like I did in that very first 24-Readathon. By updating on my blog every hour or so. (Okay, it’s actually unlikely that I’ll blog every hour…I’m just too damn lazy for that.) But I’m not going to worry about inundating people’s feed readers by posting too often, because not having told people about this blog, I’m unlikely to be in their feed readers, now aren’t I? 😉

The pre-game necessities:

1. Chores done in advance so there’s no nagging voices interrupting spirit of calm relaxation tomorrow. CHECK.

2. The comfy clothes set aside, both for day time and for evening/night. CHECK.

3. The foodstuffs gathered. (It goes without saying that this one is vital!) CHECK.

IMG_0707Never claimed to be shooting for healthy here.

4. The coffee ground and ready to be brewed in the morning. CHECK.

5. And duh! The book pile. CHECK.
This is the Friday afternoon iteration. It has changed slightly from its original creation, and is subject to continued change. As it is now, I’ve got a pretty good mix though: fiction, non-fiction, comics, short stories, poetry, and an audio book. Also, not pictured, I’m keeping Difficult Women (essays) in mind from my iPad, as well as comics from Marvel Unlimited. So yeah, seems like I’ve got something for nearly every mood.

And while there’s nothing exactly to prepare, one of the best parts of the day shall be chatting with friends and cheering on fellow readers.

Remembering Dewey is most definitely not exclusive to readathon day, but it is always a huge part of it. I’m so blessed to have friends who miss her, who love her as much as I do. I’m so blessed to have had her in my life. #missyouDewey


5 thoughts on “the pre-game show…

  1. I love the hell out of you my dear!!!!!! I also wish I had all of your food :p I didn’t have time to get everything I wanted but I also got a damn stomach virus too so it’s probably best I don’t have too much junk today, lol. Ok…three hours into this thing, I’m going to start my first book :p See you in a couple of hours!!


  2. Yea, hope you read lots and had a grand time.
    Just how many pages is The Hate U Give? I bought the ebook and the audio. I didn’t realize I did that, though. funny, huh?


    • Lots for me. Which isn’t lots for a lot of people. But a very grand time indeed. 🙂
      444 pages. At least you bought it in two different formats. 😉 I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve bought a physical copy of a book I already had a physical copy of–doh!


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